2020-11-07: I am a conspiracy theorist about my genes / memes

2020-09-21: when you really believe, it’s just a phemism

2020-09-19: “non-attachment is cool, but have you tried getting the exact thing you wanted” - nik

2020-09-05: imagining a cafe called ‘coffee 2’

2020-07-21: If you ever have two things and you’re trying to make them one thing, consider instead whether …

2020-07-03: overheard someone saying ‘very cute’ as I biked by. thought they might be talking about …

2020-07-01: thinking of clothes as ‘portable blankets’

2020-06-27: Five layers deep in a yak shave

2020-06-25: Over the last two years I’ve come to really love just about every song on Compro by Skee Mask. …

2020-06-23: wishing bad things on my worst enemies.. but.. not too bad.. yes..

2020-06-23: Took all of my art off the walls to prepare for moving. Just for the psychological impact.

2020-06-18: Is the indie web white flight?

2020-06-16: Wrote a tiny query engine for aft, my current programming project today. It’s been a real …

2020-06-14: Testing out micro.blog!